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About Us

The LaidBack Experience is a concept developed to cater for visitors to Dominica, looking for unique experience.  Located on the east side of the Dominica. The LaidBack Experience is an Eco-resort situated on Tranto Beach, Castle Bruce.  Surrounded by  sea views and lush vegetation and plant life of St David’s Bay.  The LaidBack Experience is owned and run by expats Maurice and Lisa, having moved to the island in 2020 during the height of the Covid pandemic from the UK. To develop a sustainable eco-friendly resort and provide our guests with a unique experience of Dominica.  

Our Mission & Values

The LaidBack Experience aims to provide quality food & drink, tours, accommodation, wellness packages and local products to our clients, whilst preserving the natural environment and encouraging a natural and authentic lifestyle. 

We use organic and natural ingredients throughout our menus. Much of our produce grown by us in our vegetable and herb gardens.

The LaidBack Experience is powered using sustainable energy.  We aim to keep our carbon footprint small and inline with Dominica’s status as a nature and eco-tourist island.  As we further develop our resort we aim to continue to protect and maintain the natural environment

Look after nature and it will look after you.

How to find us

We are located on the east side of Dominica, St David’s Bay, Castle Bruce.  If you are already on island click the view map button below for directions.  Whether you are a Domestic or International traveler, we are happy to arrange transportation for you. Contact us for further information.


Join The LaidBack Experience Volunteer program. Throughout the year we carry out a number of maintenance and development projects. We welcome volunteers to stay with us and help support and develop new projects to completion. Contact us to find out more.

Tranto, Castle Bruce, Dominica.

E: admin@thelaidbackexperience.com

Tel: +1 767 276 4476

The LaidBack Experience Beach Resort is a registered business in Dominica. Registered 2021